A Web Data Extraction Service Posted on : 2016-07-01

Web data extraction or web scraping is a software technology that allows you to extract data from websites. Data extraction can be accomplished by applying the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or embedding a web browser. With a data extraction service you can gather data like URL, phone numbers, mail addresses, PDFs, documents and reports from various websites. This process is especially crucial for businesses who want to collect data in order to move forward with building their brands or services.

Web data extraction is especially important in today’s business life in that there is now a concept of big data. Companies and brands need to analyze this big data and implement what they get as a marketing or sales strategy. However, as the name tells, there is a really big data out there and you need to pick out the relevant ones for your business or brand and especially data like customer behaviors or demographic characteristics of your target audience. Nowadays especially with the advance of social media, you need to find out a way to extract what is relevant for you. Also you need to try to get marketing intelligence from various websites. Of course these all could be done manually but it will take you a lot of time and you would not be able to cover as much area as you can with data extraction software. Data extraction system is a must for companies that deal with lots of complex data in various formats and locations.

With my web scraping software, the Visual Scraper, you can extract data from any basic website n just a few simple clicks. The program is so user friendly and simple that you do not need to have any programming knowledge. Visual Scraper will help you along the way to get the data you need from the web in the fastest and easiest way. You only need to mention from which websites you need the data extracted from and what kind of data you need. With this software you can implement market and price research for your product, you can compile website lists, email addresses and contact information and also you can carry on internet search and reporting. However if you think that you do not have the time to try and learn the software to use it efficiently, we can collect all the data you need for you. 

First, you need to set up a project and tell us what you require. We will later review your request and set up the program to collect data for you. You can keep track of process within the visual scraper program. After the compilation is complete, you can download the data in a format that you prefer like spreadsheets or XML. After this first collection is finished, you can also implement regular searches like daily, weekly or monthly to get fresh data. If you want to extract data from a certain website, we can also code a unique software for you to run on you own computer or on our server. You can find more information about the Visual Scraper on our website: http://www.visualscraper.com/