Clone a website/mobile app/application/database Posted on : 2016-06-29

How we clone a website?
The language may involve in .NET Framework, PHP Framework, MySQL Database or MSSQL, JQUERY, HTML5

  • We define which data to pull and create tables in database 
  • We design or use cool web templates
  • We test and write a program to pull data from the website hourly, daily, monthly, yearly
  • We deliver the package to you

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How we clone a mobile app?

1. We transform unstructured data to structured data 
2. We write web service and create the mobile app ( Android, Ios, Windows Phone )
3. We test and keep pulling data from any website, database hourly, daily, monthly, yearly
4. We deliver the package to you

How we clone a software app?

Clone a website

1. We hire a trust worthy senior programmer to do the job with low cost
2. We extract data , decrypt and design exactly as your requirement
3. We test and keep pull data from any website, database, or application hourly, daily, monthly, yearly

How we clone a website's content database?

Clone websites' database content

  • We define which data of content to pull from a page
  • We write a program to pull them once for all
  • We schedule the program to run again on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • We deliver the program including database ( excel,mysql, mssql, text, json format )

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