What is Web Scraping Software? Posted on : 2015-06-20

Visual Scraper - Web Scraping Software

Web scraping ( web harvesting or web data extraction ) is a computer software technique to extract information from websites. People collect data across the web for many purposes such as creating a search engine like Google, collecting customers feedback, collect competitors' price, web automation, price comparision, contact scraping, weather data monitoring, website change detection, research, web mashup and web data integration.

As a developer, i need data for my website and attract more people to visit the website.
As a business man, i need any data changes in law
As a marketing guy, i need contact of my targeting audience
As a citizen, sometimes i need to check on billing fees, tax, etc. I need some tools to collect them all automatically.

Visualscraper can help you to extract all the data you need by just simple clicks. However, if you're too busy with business to learn the software technique? Yes, VisualScraper Team can help you if you create a project in "HELP CENTER" page. It's designed for you to be happy and to be free.

VisualScraper is a tool for both business people and developer. It's affordable price and reliable people like us.

We're happy to announce that we're released this software in June 2014.



Power of Interface

Visual Scraper Agent User Interface

Visual Scraper Agent User Interface is designed for non-programmer to extract any simple web data from unstructured data to structured data. With this interface, business man can use it for lots of purpose of web automation.


Power of Simplicity

Visual Scraper Agent Features

If you click on any text of the page, you may see this popup window and this allow you to train your agent to do exactly what you want.

  • Click an item ( You can click on a link, button, login button, register, image )
  • Click list ( You can use this to click on multiple links. )
  • Capture one item ( capture text of an item or any link )
  • Capture a list of items  ( like Click list, you can capture text of a list )
  • Download an item ( download 1 selected link )
  • Download list items ( Download multiple link of list )


Power of Flexibility

Visual Scraper Agent - Left section ( The pages )

On the left section, we have the list of actions that you have teached the agent what to do. The above image have demonstrated the "Capture a list of items" and Pager. Please take a look at Visual Scraper Tutorial for more information.


Visual Scraper's Actions Section

Visual Scraper's Agent

On the left top menu of Visual Scraper Agent, we have the new action section and there are all action method for users to do advanced options.

  • Capture Default value ( you may create a default name and value )
  • Capture screenshot ( you can capture the full page screenshot )
  • Clear Browser's Cookies ( clear the browser session )
  • Load a new page ( create a new page )
  • Refresh the page ( just like enter F5 to refresh the browser )
  • Wait a second ( to wait for a while before doing the next action )
  • Scroll Action ( to scroll down to bottom of the page )


Real Time Data Review

Power of big data

Your data will be scraped exactly like you have trained the agent to do so. The data format can be Excel Format, MySQL, JSON, MSSQL , XML


Schedule & Publish your Data

Schedule Visual Scraper Agent to run or publish data

You may want to schedule your project to run on specific time and this schedule feature will help you to do that.

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Thank you with appreaciation.

Visual Scraper

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