• Create & Test Project

  • Save & Run Project

  • Web Console

  • Export Data

  • Complete

1.Login with your account on VisualScraper.Agent
2.Capture a list of items
3.Test your project
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1.Click "Save" your project
1.Run it by clicking "Run Agent Now"
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1.Go to web console by clicking "Console" on website
2.Click Tab "Agent" on the left menu bar
3.Click on your project name
4.Manage your results
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1. Go to your Web Console
2. Click on tab "Agent" on the left menu bar.
3. Click on your project name
4. Click on Export or Publish at the bottom
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You may choose to export your results as CSV,TSV,XML and JSON
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From small projects to "BIG DATA"

VISUAL SCRAPER provides the Software and Services you need to succeed

How to scrape Google's results?

How to scrape Amazon's results?

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it's a software as service and is designed for user to point and click to collect text, images, files.
It's a web page for user to manage their data and setup concurrent jobs.
You may request for help by creating a ticket

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